Current Events

Good Evening Readers,

I just wanted to update you guys on the trials and tribulations of E Kelly. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted since February. I will endeavor to do better from now on. Many of you have asked about my health. Between my February post and now, I’ve been hospitalized four times, I think. Twice, all my rheumatoid arthritis drugs were thought to be doing more damage than good and were changed. I’m a month into a new one and hoping it will be effective and I’ll be able to keep for a while.

Now that I’m out for the summer (only two years left of teaching for me!) I can focus on my health, my family, and my writing. I thought when I’d finished Katharine’s Fire that I would give myself a week or two off, to rest my brain, so to speak. My new series had other ideas. I’ve spent the day working on a rough outline and on the tons of research I’ll need. I’ll focus on a family this time. Four maybe five adult children from a small coastal town, Hope, Georgia. It’s an environment I know well, because I grew up in one of those towns. I’m excited to share the Foster family with you. Once I’ve fleshed out the first story a little more, I’ll give you some insights, maybe even some sneak peeks. I won’t, at this time, even begin to estimate when the first book might be ready. I have all of July and most of August to get a good start though, before I return to school in the fall.

My new goal, is to post something here once a week, to keep you guys better informed. That’s barring any other health hiccups, of course. Fingers crossed on that.

Once again, I hope Katharine’s Fire is worth the wait. I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks. Happy reading!