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So…. clearly I’ve been playing with the look of my website. I’ve changed the header and color scheme. What do you guys think? Running a website is still very new to me. I’ll be happy to take suggestions. And if there is information, a link, etc that you would like to see me add, don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Just finished reading Sophia’s courage and loved it as i loved the rest of the series. I too love that you dont have cliff hangers i do love how the old characters still make an appearance in the next book. In Sophias courage you introduced Sullivans brother Cooper and said his ex girlfriends name was Allison. When Sullivan and Sophia leave his parents he says coopers ex is Angela which is actually his sisters name he says it more than once. I guess your proof reader just missed it . I’m not trying to be critical i just figured
    you would want to know. I will say that there were not any typos os or misspelled words like so many other e books

    • Thanks for catching that. I will make sure the necessary changes are made and that an updated file is posted. And I never right cliffhangers because I hate them. I’ve been known to stop reading an author if they write cliffhangers! I try to remember what I like as a reader and provide that in my books. I’m glad you enjoy them!

  2. Ok so my last 2 post were supposed to go under your barnes and noble heading . Thats where i purchased my book with the errors in it. Sorry nook is not user friendly for this sort of thing

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