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  1. I live in Canada and usually buy my ebooks through the Kobo website. I like buying myself gift cards any using “store credit” to buy my books as opposed to purchasing each book with my credit card. Do you know if Sophia’s Courage will be available on Kobo soon? Your other books are available there so I am hopeful and keep checking daily – I know it takes time to get books on Kobo from Smashwords. I have read all of your books to date (except Sophia’s Courage) and I love them all. I love how the books are not cliffhangers but instead an interconnected series. If necessary I will buy Sophia’s Courage from Smashwords. I can hardly wait to read it. And I’m so happy you are already working on Katherine’s book – love the 2 new covers (Sophia and Katherine). Wishing you well and wishing you and yours a happy holiday season

    • According to Smashwords, they sent the book file to Kobo on December 2, 2014. They don’t tell me how long it will take after the file is sent. I would guess it would have to come out soon though. I’ll keep checking for you.
      Series – Like you I like how my books are not cliffhangers. I HATE cliffhangers. I’ve been known not to read an author again if they write a cliffhanger. I also don’t like it when books sound and feel incomplete. As if the author took one story and cut it into bits and released the pieces separately. That drives me crazy!

      • Excellent news about Kobo. Thanks so much for answering my question right away. I am so excited to read Sophia’s Courage. 😀

  2. I just finished Sophia,’s Courage. Thank you for a wonderful sleepless night as I could not put down my Nook. Looking forward to Kats story.

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