Hi readers! I’ve decided to make 2 of my books, Bronwyn’s Stand and One Heart Two Souls, free until the end of the year. So please, spread the word! I’m hoping to attract some new readers this holiday season.

One thought on “Free

  1. I just wanted to say thanks in making Bronwyn’s Stand free in the choosing love series! Because of that I have now read all of them in two days!! I absolutely love stories that connect together but are their own! I’m just disappointed bc I know have to wait for Katherine’s Fire!!!!! I hate not knowing ends to things and I’ve got a strong feeling is Hollywood’s turn and I’m excited to see the woman who knocks him off his glorious feet! Please let me know when you plan to have Katherine’s story out…I need to fill complete from this story line! Hahaha thanks for getting me hooked 🙂 I’ll be waiting…

    Always a Romantic xoxo

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