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Hi Readers,

I hope you are having a fun and exciting summer! I am splitting time between friends, family, and Kate (Katharine’s Fire). Getting some long overdue updates on my house. New front door and patio slider, fresh coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets and organizing the spare room. Seriously, am I the only one that has one of these in my house? It started out as a playroom/game room for my daughter when she was growing up but now that she splits her time between college and home, she doesn’t really need it. So it has been come the great pit of despair. The dreaded catch all. My daughter and I have sworn that we’ll finally get it organized before she returns to school at the end of August. Fingers metaphorically crossed.

But the big news in my household is that we’re finally (10 tens of waiting) going to get the lawn professionally landscaped! So excited about this! The yard is, in a word, hideous. When we bought the house, half of the backyard wasn’t even habitable. It was covered in heavy brush, thorn bushes, and poison oak. But even clearing all that out wasn’t enough. We have mostly weeds for grass and completely lack imagination when it comes to picking plants for the beds. Oh, and did I mention the moles and voles. The ground actually sinks several inches as you walk on it. In a couple of months though, that will all be a memory. When I talked to the landscaper, she asked what I was thinking about for the planting beds. I asked for low maintenance and nothing that flowers. (Flowers attract bees and I’m allergic to bees) I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures.

I’m also happy to report that I’m sixty pages into Katharine’s Fire! My target date for publication is Christmas. It’s been both difficult and a lot of fun dealing with Hollywood and Kate, when neither of them want a relationship. I also have to weave in all the other character from the series. I’ve got timelines stretched all over my office trying not to contradict any of the other books! Maybe writing a series shouldn’t have been my first writing project but I’m having so much fun that I’ve already started cooking up ideas for another series. There’s just something about coming back to characters I’ve already written about that feels like talking to an old friend. There’s an old adage – Write what you want to read. That’s what I try to do.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress of Katharine’s Fire. I also drop some hints along the way, including the first chapter when we get closer to the publication date.

Happy reading!!!

3 thoughts on “Hi Everyone

  1. I’m so excited for this book, I have loved this series and have re-read them regularly . Thanks for the update

  2. Thank you for the update, I am so looking forward to reading this final book in the series and I look forward to hearing about any new books that you may be considering writing. I know that I will enjoy reading them just as much as I have this last series. Good luck with your new garden, we have also suffered with moles here so know all about stamping out one mole hill just to find another one somewhere else.

  3. Hi, hanging out for the next instalment… Are there anymore updates?…. Just re-read the series and fell back in love with the characters…. 😉

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