Choosing Love Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board that hangs in my home office. It’s dedicated to my Choosing Love series. On it you can see images that I use to help me visualize the characters. Some of the pictures are actors, some models, and still others are the images that I purchased to use on the covers. You can also see the building that’s in my head whenever I talk about Bronwyn’s new bookstore,¬†D√©nouement, the Navy SEAL trident and standard military knife, character tattoos, and Caveman’s motorcycle (which you’ll hear about in KF). And just for fun, I’ve added the engagement rings that each of the men picked out for their women. I’m going to hate to see this board go once I’ve finished Katharine’s Fire. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill it up with new ideas for my next series. Fingers (metaphorically) crossed!


7 thoughts on “Choosing Love Bulletin Board

  1. Hello!
    I’m an avid reader of your books from Italy and I’m eager to read Katharine’s Fire, are there any updates about the release date?
    Wishing you good job and good night!


  2. Very interested in knowing if you have a release date yet for Katherine’s fire? I love all of the books and am feeling very antsy to read the last one.


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