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  1. There is a problem with Sophie\’s Courage, quite a big one. Sorry to do it this way but I can not find an email addy for you anywhere. It says you are on twitter and FB but the last dates of you posting anything are years ago.

    I purchased Sophie\’s Courage yesterday on Smashwords. Great no problems until I got to Chapter 17 Then the typesetting got a messy.

    From….He could feel how close she was, could see it in her eye….

    to…\”This is Published? People can buy it and read it?\” in Chapter 20.

    random in portions of different sizes the type face is correct then small…

    I can\’t send you an image through here but I an email it to you.

    I am using fbreader on an android phone.
    I then tried it using Adobe digital editions and it is still the same.
    Checked on GR…no one reported it.
    checked on Amazon…only error reported was Allison/Angela mistake.
    No one has left a review on Smashwords.



  2. It has been awhile since you have posted a comment. Just concerned. Suffer from arthritis myself. How are you and when can we expect your next book.

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