Choosing Love Series

Bronwyn’s Stand

Bronwyn Barrister has her life in order. She has loyal friends, a successful business, and a family who loves her beyond measure. She has everything she has ever had the courage to dream for. One man, however, has begun to threaten it all. She sent him to prison for eleven years, but now he’s free to exact his revenge upon her. With menacing phone calls and vile threats, he stalks her. He is a monster from her past, the past she tries to hide. When Vincent Lane and his team are hired by Bronwyn’s uncle to keep her safe, he finds himself drawn in by her beauty, strength, and wicked intelligence. And when he allows himself to look beyond the surface, he discovers the woman behind the defenses; a woman who strips him bare and makes him want more than he has ever wanted in his life. As the stalking and danger escalate to arson, Vincent is torn between ecstasy and terror. He must find a way to stop this madman before it’s too late.

Anna’s Strength

Interior designer, Anna Davis has spent three years developing her career. When she is hired by Vincent Lane and his fiancé Bronwyn to redesign their new bookstore, Anna sees this as an opportunity to catapult her career from obscurity into distinction. The last thing Anna needs or wants right now is a man. And Daniel Spears, a friend who is helping Vincent with security for the store, is most definitely a man. One built for long hot nights and seduction. Unfortunately, even though Anna is undeniably attracted to Daniel, she isn’t interested in accidental sex or casual intimate arrangements. Determined not to lose her, Daniel formulates a plan to ensure that he is never far from Anna’s mind… or her body. He’s not going to let anything stand between them, not ex-lovers, intruders, thieves, or even Anna herself. Daniel has waited an entire lifetime to find her and now that he has, he’s never letting go.

KindleCoverJacqueline’s Desire

Jacqueline Hughes still smiles every time she thinks of her father. Still misses him at every family dinner. Feels him on every job. It’s been three long years since her mom called her unexpectedly to tell her he was gone. Jac has spent those years hiding the pain and convincing her father’s crew that she can lead them. Being young, pretty, and female in construction are almost impossible obstacles to overcome. But she has not only succeeded, she has triumphed. The job, the company, her father’s reputation – these are the things most precious to her.
Wade Mitchell, former Navy SEAL and co-owner of Trident Security, is eager to start his latest assignment. Someone has been sabotaging Hughes Construction’s current job site. Weakening the stairs… stealing supplies… canceling orders. Wade’s job is to infiltrate the company, expose the traitor, and, of course, rescue the damsel in distress. And Jacqueline Hughes is one hell of a damsel! Wade has been waiting weeks for a chance to get his hands on her curvy, little body. But is a woman with rules. And rule #1 is – Never get involved with a man you work with. No excuses. No exceptions. Wade, however, has a different philosophy when it comes to relationships – Rules were made to be broken!


Sophia’s Courage

Event planner, Sophia Campbell finally has her life back on track. As a single mother at nineteen she’d been an easy target for her ex husband’s flattery and lies. Years later, after a much too civilized divorce, she is stronger and wiser and fiercely independent. Ready to focus on the two things that mean the most to her: her son and her career. When she’s hired to organize the wedding of one of the city’s wealthiest men she’s sure it will be the event of the year. If she can pull it off.

Private security consultant Sullivan Price, AKA Caveman, wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight. Until the day it happened to him. He took one look at Sophia Campbell sitting at a café in the sunshine and he knew. The problem is, Sophia isn’t interested in a relationship. Fresh out of a disastrous marriage, she isn’t about to let another man get close enough to hurt her again. Or her son. If Sullivan can just find a way to slip past her defenses he can show her how good it could be between them. And once he has her body he can only hope her heart will have the courage to follow.


Timeline for Release of the Remaining Books in the Series:

Katharine’s Fire – 2015

77 thoughts on “Choosing Love Series

  1. when will the rest of the Choosing Love series be available…I’ve read the first two and CAN’T WAIT for the rest!!

      • Love the story board idea…as a budding novelist, it is great to see one in use. I am also thrilled to see you will have another interracial relationship in Sophie’s Courage. I look forward to reading more or your work.

        • Thanks for all the lovely compliments. I’m so glad you enjoy my work! One piece of advice though – There’s no such thing as a budding novelist. It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve written or the size of your audience. If you write, then you’re a writer. Bottomline.

  2. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I’m an avid reader and the books I usually gravitate to are mysteries. Of course if there’s romance and/sex, well, that makes it more enticing. I’m now on your second book and pleased to say, I’m looking forward to the ones that aren’t out yet. The only problem is, I can’t put them down! Oh well, I guess it could be a lot worse!

  3. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I have never posted anything before but feel compelled to say job well done. I stumbled upon your work with Bronwyn and searched for it after. I have read and re-read my favorites passages many times. I look forward to reading how the right woman can bring even a SEAL to his knees!

  4. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    You described Vincent and the other SEALs, Grayson & Caleb so beautifully, is there any way you can enlarge the storyboard above to actually the photos? These men sound absolutely mouth-watering!

  5. I just love your writing! It’s fresh and engaging. I stumbled upon the ‘Choosing Love’ series on my kindle and am obsessed with your story lines and characters. I want to be best friends with all of them 🙂 I can’t wait for book 3 to feed my addiction! Thank you for sharing your work

  6. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    Since your 2nd book references several things from your first book and your 3rd will reference things from your 2nd, in your new book Jacqueline’s Desire will you explain why Daniel couldn’t have children? I can’t wait for it to come out.

  7. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    Glad you’re home and hope you’re on the mend.
    I just wanted to mention that since I’ve read all your books many times, when we first met Jac in Anna’s Strength you described her as having short red hair and blue eyes, yet in chapter one of your new book coming out as well as the photo, she has long brown hair and brown eyes. Sorry, but I was a proofreader and these things just hit me in the eye. I just hope I didn’t upset you.
    Best Regards,

    • You’re right Laura. I had to make some last minute, unexpected changes. I wasn’t allowed to use the original cover shot I had planed on. In hindsight though, this ‘new’ Jac fits in better with the rest of the women in the series.


  8. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    While looking at your storyboard I noticed something and I have a question. Is the woman on the top right supposed to be Kate Logan and if so, is the man next to her supposed to be Hollywood? IF it is Hollywood, did you have to change his looks like you did with Jac? If not, I guess I’ll just have to wait impatiently for the book.

  9. Dear Ms. Kelly
    Regarding the pictures of the two ladies for Jac. The one on the right with long hair doesn’t fit the part. The redhead looks very plain and doesn’t seem to have the sex appeal that Jac has. Maybe it’s the hair! It looks like someone with a bad sense of humor took scissors to it, I’m sorry but with a different hairdo, she’d probably work.

    • I agree, the more I look at the model with long hair, the less she looks like Jac. The redhead appeals to me more because I don’t see Jac as the least bit glamorous. I want readers to be able to relate to her because she’s one of us. I have several other head shots of the same model. I’ll take another look at those too. Thanks for letting me know what you think.

  10. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I partly agree with you. In the books Jac has personality and a sense of humor. The woman on the left seems to be devoid of personality. Also, in the books she does have some sex appeal, not as much as Bronwyn but still, sex appeal. It’s just that she doesn’t know it. That’s what makes her so likeable, and sexy. Also, this woman doesn’t seem to be the type to be so watchful toward Anna.

  11. I absolutely love this series, I hope Jacqueline’s Desire does come out before Christmas, I can’t wait to read it! (Especially since its my namesake, and Poet is my favorite! Wish I could have a man like that haha)

    Wishing you all the best over the holiday season. Your books are a joy to read, thank you for bringing these stories to life.

  12. Now that the year is almost over and the fall release date has passed… do you have an updated release timeline for the next books in the series? I am anxiously awaiting jacqueline’s desire!

  13. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I hope you’re well and that your RA is under control, also, that you enjoyed a Happy New Year.
    Can you advise when Jacqueline’s Desire will be out?

    • I’m excited to report that Jacqueline’s Desire is 90% done. I was bogged down there for a while trying to coordinate the series. I originally thought that Jacqueline’s Desire happened after Anna’s Strength when, in reality, they occur simultaneously. My BFF(the ‘real’ Jac) sat down with me and three hours later and six or seven pieces of paper taped together, we had a timeline for the entire series. Which events of the series overlap and are repeated in books, characters meeting each other for the first time, the continued rehab of the store, and, of course, planning a wedding. It was a tremendous challenge to get it all organized. But now I have a clear ending for Jac’s book and I know where each of the other books starts. Excited to write the whole series out now. Just have to continue to carve out the time even though work is ridiculously busy right now. It’s getting done. Just not as fast as any of us would like.

  14. I love all your books. I was just wondering when the next one will be coming out. Please check the discussions on amazon. Thank you!

  15. Hi Ms. Kelly,
    I hope you’re well. I just have one question for you. Since Jacqueline’s Desire is so late, what does it do to the time line for Sophia’s Courage?

  16. I was wondering when Jaq’s book was coming out on iBooks. Your timeline says fall 2012 but every time I check there is nothing other then the first three books. Thanks

    • Those are projected dates. I generally like to take a break from the characters and write a stand-alone novel between each of the books in the series. Trust me, if I can write faster, I will. The good thing is that in another 2 months, I’ll be on summer vacation (Yay me!). It’s my prime writing time of the year. With luck, I’ll be able to use that time to write most of the novel I just started, at which point, I will move right into Sophia’s Courage. And, as of now, I’m seriously considering writing the last two of the series back-to-back. We’ll see. I’ll keep you guys posted. Trust me, from years of reading Nora’s series, I know exactly how you’re feeling!

  17. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I promise I’m not rushing you but just a question. Do you know what the title of your novel will be so I can be looking for it and will you tell us when it’s done? I’m such a fan of your writing since I finished each of your books the day I got them that I’m looking forward to the novel.

  18. I have to wait until 2015 & 2016 for the last two books? I will probably forget about the series before then. I love the series, but 2 or 3 years out is a ridiculously long to wait for more.

  19. Just finished Wade and Jac’s story and must say: absolutely what I thought it would be. Thank you for that, E. Kelly!

    I’m a Dutch Afro-Caribbean woman married to a Dutch (white) military man and devour books about (former) military man. Especially if there is a healthy dose of romance in it and the perfect heroine (smart, strong, independent but also vulnerable) and the perfect ALPHA man (one that realizes along the way that the object of his desire not always benefit from him being in protect and serve mood all the time).

    I’ve enjoyed the books by Suzanne Brockman (Troubleshooters serie) and Aliyah Burke (Megalodon Team) so much and was looking for a new serie as well written.
    My search was specifically concentrating on interracial or multiracial military romance (because of my real live circumstances I like to read about couples like my husband and I). And found Anna’s strenght listed in a post on goodreads. And even though the ‘races’ didn’t match my own I was so intrigued by the blurb that I decided to pick it up for a read. So glad I did!

    Now I’m a fan of your novels (also read One Heart-Two Souls, such a sweet story) and can’t wait for Caveman and Hollywood’s stories. And you probably have already decided who Hollywood (my favorite because he is so determined on staying single even though we all know he’ll fall too) will end up with but if you are open to suggestions: what about an Afro-American woman? 😉 (just kidding of course, I’m sure whoever you create for Hollywood would be the perfect match!)

    • I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed my books and that you consider them on the same level as such prestigious authors. You’re not the first reader that has made a point of saying that they like reading my books because they include interracial couples. I hate to disappoint, but Hollywood is meant for Kate, the arson investigator we met in Bronwyn’s Stand. Caveman however is destined for an interracial relationship. He meets and falls for Bronwyn’s wedding planner who is Caucasian. I like writing about couples who are as diverse as I can make them – different economic and geographic backgrounds,etc., as well as a wide variety of childhood experiences. I’ve already started Caveman’s book – Sophia’s Courage. I’ll keep posting updates to let you guys know how it’s going. And if you enjoyed my series so much, please spread the word!

      • Ah, of course, Kate the arson investigator, I should have figured that out. Will follow your blog to get the updates, great!
        Thanks for your reply and will surely spread the word!

        • I knew that you would make Hollywood and Kate end up together since I read Bronwyn’s Stand. I’m glad I was right. I’m looking forward to reading how that turns out.

  20. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    You know I’m a tremendous fan of all your books as I’ve written to you often enough. I realize there’s been a book after Daniel and Anna got together but I’d just like to know, since you didn’t hit on it in Jac & Poet’s book, will you ever tell why Daniel couldn’t have children. That bit of info has been driving me crazy. Sorry to be a pest and if you’d like to tell me privately, you have my email address. Please, please tell me.
    As I’ve done with all your books, I’ve read Jacqueline’s Desire several times and I must say, it was worth the wait, you didn’t disappoint.
    I hope you’re well and as usual, I look forward to all your books, no matter when they come out.

    • I will be revealing the reason Preacher can’t have kids in Sophia’s Courage. I’ll give you a hint now though – it had something to do with his childhood.

      • Ok I am so totally confused. In what book did it even mention he couldn’t have kids? I really feel like my copy of jacqueline’s desire was missing parts.

      • OK now I’m confused. Just finished reading Sophia’s Courage and I must have missed where this was revealed… Can you tell me what chapter? Love all this series and One Heart Two Souls 🙂

  21. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    Just an update for my new email address. I’m looking so forward to your new book, please, I’m NOT rushing you!

  22. All I can say is… I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!! I’ve read all your books in one day literally, I cant put them down. What is Sophia’s courage going to be about?

  23. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    First, very Happy Holiday to you and your family.
    I just read the hint you wrote about Sofia’s Courage and as you know, I’ve read all your books many times each because I loved the characters as well as your writing but the hint you gave at the end, about the shower………What shower in what book? Now you’ve really got me stumped. Please, tell me what book the hint comes from and I’ll read it yet again. If you don’t want to let on to all your fans, please let me know through my email.
    Best Regards,

    • Sex scenes from the Choosing Love Series:
      Bronwyn’s Stand – shower
      Anna’s Strength – office floor
      Jacqueline’s Desire – truck
      Sophia’s Courage – public elevator

  24. Hi Ms Kelly

    I have just read five of your books in a week. Wow! What wonderful stories. I love the depth you give your characters. I am a little in love with Vincent if I am honest. I can’t wait until Valentines day for the release of your next book. I only wish the last in the series was being released sooner.

    I just want to thank you for writing such warm and entertaining stories.

    • I’m so glad you like my characters. I have a soft spot for Poet myself. Once I finish Sophia’s Courage, I’ll move right into Katharine’s Fire. I have most of the story line in my head already so maybe we’ll both get lucky and we won’t have to wait too long for it!

  25. I’m getting so impatient lol (no rush) I’m just so excited for the release for your new book, BC it was gonna happen on my bday, but it was delayed :'(

    any news of the release please? Hopefully sometime soon! So anxious

    I absolutely love your books. You are my favorite author.

  26. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I hope you’re better as far as your health is concerned.
    Now that school is almost over (in NY anyway), I hope you’re well enough to continue with Sofia’s Courage.

  27. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better and that your life is getting back to ‘normal’, although who is to say what ‘normal’ is.
    Being backed up and trying to get the book done ASAP has got to be daunting so my offer of free proofreading is still open to you. Please consider it.
    Best of luck to you for continued good health.

  28. Dear Ms. Kelly,
    Is this the place to keep looking to see if the book is out? Is there another place? I hope your health has improved and that you’re not being slowed up again considering school has started. Do you know when the book will be out?

  29. Hi Ms. Kelly,
    Today’s Dec. 23rd. Please don’t think I’m anxious or anything but when do you think the book will be our?
    Whenever, I’m wishing you and yours’ all the best for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year.

  30. Thanks for finally releasing Kathryn’s story. I just loved it…. I was just wondering if this is the final in this story or if Donovan might find love. He’s such a sweetie ! 😍❤️

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