Double Take

   He smiled as he listened to the local news report. In the past month, three sets of twins had disappeared, only to be found dead a few days later, their bodies stuffed in the trunk of a car. The police were calling him a madman. It wasn’t true though. He was simply doing what had to be done. Methodically and efficiently. Clicking off the television, he reached for the file on his desk. It was time to see who was next on the list. I need you to find my sister. Those were the words that drove Caleb Knight from his bed well before sunrise. Find my sister, Keith had said. She isn’t answering her phone. As he sped across town, years of experience told Caleb that he was overreacting. Grace was a beautiful, intelligent, desirable woman. There were many reasons a woman like that didn’t answer her phone before dawn. But here he was, parking the car, and feeling like an idiot. He could only imagine the look on Grace’s face when he dragged her from her bed. With one last fleeting thought for his professional reputation, Caleb stepped out of the car. Then he heard her scream.

11 thoughts on “Double Take

  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sending me a e-mail about the release of Double Taken, unfortunately B&N (NOOK) still has not released it for purchase… Which is very upsetting to say the least!!! But I have high hopes it is released soon. I cant wait to read it cover to cover.

    • You’re welcome for the email. I just checked and Barnes and Noble should have received the file on July 3. Then their site says that books are usually available for sale a few days after B&N receives them. I’m sure the holiday slowed us down a little. I’m thinking we have a good chance of Double Take being available this weekend. Fingers crossed.

      • UGH!!! It is so frustrating not being able to find Double Take for the nook… I check everyday ( the nook, online, and the store) and they still haven’t released it. This makes me regret getting a nook… but what can I do but wait 🙁

        • I’m so sorry about the wait. I’m not sure what’s taking so long either. I’ve been checking several times a day every day too. I wish I knew how to speed things up. So sorry! Thank you SO MUCH for your patience.

  2. Yay!!! Yesterday I was finally able to purchase Double Take from B&N… about time!!! Let me just say the wait was worth it… I just finished the book and loved every page of it. It kept me in suspense at times and blushing at others. Fell in love with Caleb from the minute he came to Graces rescue…. I cant not believe how in just 4 book you have become by far my favorite authors. I cant wait until Jacqueline’s Desire comes out, but I am sad that I have to wait a long while and since we already know how slow B&N is I will have to wait longer then most people. Once again just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading the book cover to cover in less then 24 hours <3

  3. Dear Ms. Kelly:

    Again, an absolutely fantastic book!!! I always look forward to reading your work and have read them all twice already (except for the latest, but soon for sure :D).

    I plan on signing up for updates to get your releases as soon as possible.

    If you desire any further proof readers, please keep me in mind. I found a few errors in this book. They didn’t detract from the story at all, just slowed me down to check them and correct them in my own head.

    If I was able to rate your book for iBooks it would certainly get 5 stars as ALL your books have from me!

    Thank you again for using your talent. I very much look forward to re-reading your books and will be in line to purchase any and all that you write in the future!

    Keep up the enthralling work :D)
    Debbie Wojcik

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